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Your Gardening Tool Trug

What do I pack for a day's gardening? The old adage - if you start prepared then everything seems easier. From experience I like to have two x handled trugs which fit into one another and where 95% of my tools can fit. The odd bigger item like a rake or broom is left in the car or shed and if I am to need it - then I go get it BUT the trugs come with me. One is for tools and one is for green waste.

Contents (genuinely):

  • Soft and foldable sun hat (Sunday Afternoons)

  • Sunglasses with neck lanyard (Decathlon)

  • Sun cream (highest factor I can find)

  • Phone (has an Apple on it!)

  • Gloves (RHS Gold Leaf gauntlets)

  • Tool belt (Burgon & Ball neoprene) with secateurs holster (ARS) and snips (Darlac) plus pen knife (Leatherman)

  • Small trowel/spade (Unknown brand but had it forever and am slightly too attached to this - anxiety levels rise if can't be found!)

  • Fulcrom weeder (Spear & Jackson)

  • Small pointed digging spade (Rough Neck)

  • Loppers (Fiskars)

  • Kneeler (Burgon & Ball neoprene)

  • Ball of soft tie

  • Ball of brown string

  • NOTE: I am not a fork person but do own a couple

I keep my trowel, weeder and kneeler with me and the rest in one of the trugs. I take care to check I have all my bits before moving to the next area. I have lost count of the times I have found a pair of gloves in the compost!

A photo of me from last year when I got to do some whimsical floristry for a big birthday bash, in my crazy comfortable Havana hat!

Now, ordinarily I spend my days when there isn't a pandemic and kidlets are at school, juggline a life of selling hats here at Sun Savvy and working as a professional gardening mentor (this is one way to describe what I do - from practical help, plant buying, design and motivational teacher - to keeping people loving the time they spend in their garden). Moto #1 "Every little helps".

Gardening has and always will be one of British people's favourite past times - and as we learn to adapt to warmer winters and drier summers we also need to protect ourselves from the sun. There is just no way I would spend a day in the sun without a hat on. You get so used to wearing one you miss it when its not on. Even in the rain I have on my waxed Ponderosa hat.

At Sun Savvy we have a wide range of suitable hats that have:-


The highest rating achievable. UPF 50+ blocks out 98% of UV rays when worn—allowing you to diminish the sun, not the fun.


Wide brim hats shade the face and neck on long, hot summer days, while a dark underbrim protects the eyes from glare. These styles are perfect for tending to the garden when the heat and bright light seem endless.

My favourite is the Clear Creek Boonie for gardening but sometimes I even wear my classier Havana!

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