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Do you get your Fedora mixed up with your Trilby?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

So do we. What has happened to our hat wearing culture? I don't know about you, but when I watch period dramas I always find myself wishing that hats hadn't become so lost in our everyday fashion. To me, they add such interest to a person and can change an entire outfit for the better. I also loved the sense of etiquette they brought.

I am aware that the fact they are sitting atop Poldark's and Thomas Shelby's heads (in my most recent box set viewings) is likely adding to the appeal at this very moment.

Now you can also add the fact that they cover up a bad hair day and add protection from the sun and cold - what's not to love? The timelessness of hats means that some of today's most popular styles are simply a reinvention of old shapes (just more comfortable and practical).

I found this brilliant old reference for gentlemen's hats - and it explains a lot - except it's still hard to see the difference between a fedora and a trilby! I am relieved that the Pork Pie has been lost along the way - or has it.... Embarrassingly I found myself watching my son's sports match on Saturday wearing a furry Trapper. Time to go dig out that winter box so I don't have to raid the dressing up next time I leave the house in a gale.

Join us: "BRING BACK THE HAT" #bringbackthehat

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