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How to: Pack a hat in your Suitcase

So, its time to pack! I have been slowly accumulating a typed up list (yes in Excel) of things to pack every time I go on a 'sunny' holiday. I got this idea from a very savvy sister-in-law of mine. Now there are some variations of course - is it beach, is it camping, is it 100% relaxed or will there be some fine dining... {note to self, arrange more fine dining, crying emoji} then I have added the kids for those items I am fed up of having to hunt down and re-buy at an extortion (e.g. arm bands).

I found this fantastic blog photo post by and wanted to share. All of our hats at Sun Savvy are somewhat crushable but if you want them to bounce back quicker you may as well pack them as well as you can.

Other top tips:

1. get the hats packed early on as hard to pack well if last in

2. you can always wear the hat for some airport style but you have to remember to take it off at security and the border! Also not recommended long haul

3. place all liquids in a zip lock bag - I just escaped a potential disaster when a mossie repellent leaked but luckily it only melted my shampoo!

HAPPY PACKING & travels...

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