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New from 'Toshi' Australia - Dawn of a new era for children’s sun hats

Now the irony of the fact that I am writing this while surrounded by (another) covering of snow is not lost on me, but much like you can’t hold back the tide, you can’t stop the seasons. My thoughts are never too far from my next sunny holiday; here’s wishing.

This week we are so happy to celebrate and launch for this spring/summer, one of Australia’s finest children’s hat brands ‘Toshi’ – a household name Down Under. In Japanese kanji symbolism, Toshi means dawn of a new era. They derive inspiration from the wonders of nature and the results are gorgeous;

Let girls be girls & boys be boys - unashamedly! Yes flowers and anchors, spots and check adorn these little hats, but they do it very well and rate very HIGH on the CUTE scale.

It is their simplicity and quality that first attracted us to the brand, discovered on a trip to Oz five years ago. What’s more, it is exciting to have a new choice out there for parents.

Take a look at:

Sunhat Charlotte in Lilly (cream with a floral trim and lining), whats more it's reversible

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