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Beating the heatwave

Anybody else find themselves Googling 'air conditioning units' this week? Only a £1,000 - bargain. One nearly became my Wine Wednesday purchase.

When I heard that the UK had experienced its hottest day (mid summers day no less) since 1976 I was not one bit surprised. I couldn't help shake the feeling this week - this is HOT, sad to say TOO hot. I am a sunshine lover of note and spent some time in some very hot places. They however have AC, coastal breezes, ceiling fans and thin walls! Plus I am usually on holiday and so not dealing with my real life.

By last night our bedrooms had reached a dangerous 28.9 degrees C, - and we don't even live in a city. Around the corner is Glastonbury and if it wasn't for this I would be out there doing a rain dance. Suddenly I wasn't as disappointed not to have tickets.

Anyway, here are some of the tips I have garnered for helping during a heatwave and some which I dare to try.

1. open the loft hatch. Now, our loft is hotter than the sun even in winter so there is no way I can bring myself to do this plus it might release the suspected mouse dwelling there into the house (more problems)

2. spray yourself, PJ's and pillowcase with a water mister and put fan on. Tried and tested and definitely helped. Mental note - spending money on fan of any shape or size is allowed. Back up mental note - don't hide fans from yourselves or store in aforementioned hot loft

3. unplug all your chargers when not in use. Sensible really but takes discipline. Along this line, don't drink too much alcohol - discipline issue again, but definitely helps!

4. keep a close eye on the outdoor temp (I used my phone app) and when the outside temperature exceeds the house (used daughters baby room thermometer) close every window, and vice versa. Was a little slow on the uptake for this one but seems to be helping. Tonight I have been raging. As I was enjoying a cool breeze for the first time in days and some anti social decides to light a bonfire close by...! (surely also illegal?)

5. close every curtain on the sunny side of the house. Again slow on the uptake but helped

6. sleep downstairs. NEXT heatwave, we are all decamping down to the lounge, no questions asked

7. place bowl of ice in front of fan. This made no difference and I just kicked the bowl over in the morning. Save your ice for drinking... ice cold water!

6. plan little and do little - forced on us this one. Of course wear a suitable hat when in the sun and light (as in weight and colour), as skimpy-as-you-dare clothing!

7. get a job in a decently air conditioned office - had this once and now miss it dearly

8. get gas checked on car AC before next heat wave. Will undoubtedly not manage this

9. find that friend with a pool!


Can you add any?

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