• Tam W.

Five things every child should have:

  1. A decent sun hat (or 2)

  2. Pair of wellies (or 2)

  3. Water bottle (or 2)

  4. A sporty hobby (or 2)

  5. A cuddly parent (or 2)

Here’s my mantra amongst a crazy, hectic world! I can’t help with nos. 2-5 but we can provide an amazing selection of hats – designed somewhere the sun knows well, Oregon in the US (California's chilled out neighbour). Given the increase in sun we have had this spring in Blighty, now seems a genuinely good time to get prepared. They make great gifts, so next time Nana/Batty/Granny asks - get sun savvy... and there is a hat for everyone in the family including said Grandmother.

What would your top five be?

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