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The beginning... (on a snowy morning in Frome!)

For a long time, in fact it's hard to pin point when it began - I have been marvelling at the variety of interesting, beautiful and useful accessories and products that are on sale overseas which make looking after your little ones (and yourself) in the sun a WHOLE lot easier. Now, for starters - I am from a mix of Australian and South African heritage and these two combined have made me very aware of the dangers of the sun, and the need to protect our skin and bodies. This does not mean it stops me seeking out the sun at every turn, but when we do - especially when my children are with me I am doing as much as I can to be "sun savvy". This is where my idea for this business came from! Most simply, it's a good application of an appropriate sun screen before heading out and then shelter - under a hat, under an umbrella, under a rash vest... Not rocket science, not a new concept but a very important one that should be considered every day. I also can't bear (sorry) legionnaire style, lycra hats!!!!!!!!!!!! Who on God's sunny earth came up with them. From a distance I have observed gorgeous little children transform into storm trooper-esque members of some ghastly Foreign Legion. They flop over faces, they take three days to dry out and I don't even think they offer good sun coverage... I digress.

Both my husband and I grew up in an era where we remember being sun burnt!! Ouch. Not good (sorry to our Mum's & Dad's if you ever find this Blog, I know you did your best). And, although we have no actual evidence I am fairly confident that the moles and developing sun spots that adorn every limb of my body are closely related to some of that early damage. Don't get me wrong, I like to be a little tan and I adore freckles across a little nose. I of course understand the importance of getting some vitamin D and the sheer exhilaration that comes with being out under a bright blue sky, or playing with warmth on our backs on a beach - but I don't want to see or feel red, hot skin at bed time!

So with some new year enthusiasm behind me, I am setting out to bring some of those products that I have seen and some which I have designed to this market place.

Hmmm, just realised it Friday 13th... oh well, what's the worst that can happen.

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